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People everywhere are talking about Tim. Here are just a few of the comments people have.

"I love this clown more than any other I've dated"
            Ady Bayer, Tim's Girlfriend
"I see garbage all day and Tim isn't it"
            Fred, Waste Managment Service
"I've never seen him perform, but he sure can drink a lot of coffee."
            Dan Wolfe, Shift Supervisor, Starbucks
"He's good, but not as good as me."
            Mike Eserkain, Comedy City
"He dresses like he's gay!"
            Gary, Hairstylist San Fransisco
"Tim is like a computer program, you forget one comma and he won't work at all."
            Ben Miller, Electrical Engineer
"This clown is right on the money"
            Rush Limbaugh, talk show host
"Tim?   ...   Tim who?"
            Betty, mall patron
"He's very good looking for a guy who's fat and balding"
            Laura, college student
"He's a great performer, but he needs to pick up his room."
            Myra, Tim's mom

Do you have a comment about Tim? E-mail it to tim@timmiller.us, yours could be the next one on this site.

Tim Miller
15 Sunbeam ct.
Appleton, WI. 54915


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