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Tim Otis Miller

Tim Miller's unique style has left many laughing with his combination of physical comedy and character improv. Combining the classic styles of Grocho, Arbuckle, and Gleason he has also embraced the role of the straight man in his work as a circus clown.

For the past 5 years his antics have delighted millions across the U.S., most notably the audiences of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey in the 131 and 133 editions of the Greatest Show on Earth. Currently Tim has started working with the very talented people at Comedy City, an improv club in the Green Bay area. You can also see Tim on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line as a member of their hilarious troupe of Krooze Komics.

Learning from the best, Tim has taken direction from some of the top minds in the field, such as Steve Smith, Greg Desanto, Jay Stewart, Kenny Ahern , Randy Christensen , and Jeff McMullen . He has also tried to pass on some of his own knowledge by helping to teach workshops at places like Jeff Razz's Circus Center in San Francisco and at Wake Forest University in North Carolina.

Tim has a list of skills and abilites far too long to list here, but let's try anyway. Some of the most impressive are ball and club juggling, object balancing, banjo and ukelele playing, frisbee and yo-yo tricks, fire manipulation, and solving a Rubik's cube faster then humanly possible. Of course the best skill is to create an environment of fun and laughter that you will never forget, and no one does that quite like Tim Miller.

Tim Miller
15 Sunbeam ct.
Appleton, WI. 54915


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